Juvenile Justice Reorganization. In two long-term engagements, developed plan to transfer most juvenile justice services from the state's youth-serving agency to the Judiciary. Led team that designed three-year strategic and operational plan to expand juvenile services. Featured 10 programs, $25 million in new program investments, providing punishment and service alternatives to 9,000 juvenile offenders annually.

Juvenile Justice Program Performance Auditing. Performed independent audits, of Judicial Branch juvenile offender services for ETP, a major Judicial Branch subcontractor. Site audited programmatic and operational performance of Juvenile Justice Centers in 10 locations statewide. Prepared audit reports of site visits, reviewed case file review, and recommended improvement plans for Judicial Branch action with the nonprofit service providers

Reform in Divorce, Custody. In two engagements, worked to improve Connecticut Family Court operations regarding contested custody divorces.

  • Commission on Divorce, Custody and Children. On behalf of Office of Governor, facilitated meetings of a 20-member commission created by Executive Order ( No. 22). Assisted commission to achieve consensus on some 30 recommendations to improve process and outcomes for children in high conflict, contested divorce proceedings.
  • Management Review, Family Relations Court. Performed review of divorce court operations, Connecticut Judicial Branch. Conducted management review, time study, and analysis to improve and expedite case handling. Led to changes to speed dispositions in contested custody cases, and improve court intervention to resolve high conflict divorce proceedings. Saw 10% increase in staff, administrative changes to streamline case processing to benefit minor children.

Judicial Branch Reorganization. Facilitator for senior Judicial Branch managers implementing new regional structure in reorganization. Led to establishment of a five-region system for the Court Support Services Division, largest unit of the Judicial Branch, including redeployment of more than 1,000 employees.

Adult Alternative Sanctions Plan. Managed strategic planning process for Connecticut Office of Policy and Management's Justice Planning Division. Recommended comprehensive plan to divert adult criminals from prison to alternate punishments. Led to multi-million legislative mandate to establish meaningful alternatives to incarceration, including creation of the Office of Alternative Sanctions in the Judicial Branch. This program, now in the Court Services Support Division, handles over 5,000 adult prisoners daily, and spends over $60 million annually on alternative sanctions.

Governor's Task Force on Family Violence. Lead partner in consulting firm hired by the Office of the Governor and the Connecticut Office of Policy and Management to staff 13-member Governor's Task Force that reorganized Connecticut's response to family violence. Task force report led to landmark legislation, $2.7 million in new services to assist victims, and central role for the Judicial Branch to intervene in family violence cases.