Jeffrey Daniels Consulting works with clients who make or change public policy affecting children and youth, and with nonprofit and community organizations that plan and implement programs to protect children. We design services that prevent and mitigate problems affecting young people, and study trends and strategies that affect the health, safety and productivity of young people.


How Do We Do This?

We harness and apply nearly two decades experience in the public sector and with private, nonprofit organizations in services to children in childcare, preventive health, juvenile justice and early childhood and elementary education. We examine strategies and design preventive approaches. Whether this means a feasibility study to expand an early childcare center, design of a specialty program to address truancy or juvenile delinquency, or change in law or regulation, the firm uses a collaborative approach to integrate best practice research on children's services, a practical understanding of how government and nonprofit systems develop and implement programs.

The methods varies depending on client, but are founded in a common philosophic approach. Services analyses, policy research to emphasize the positive forces, services and methods that can make a difference in a child's life. We focus on prevention, on strategies that offer population-based approaches to make children stronger, to help them resist negative behavior. Because we work with clients who deliver services, it means designing programs that are at the "cutting edge", that are science-based, yet which fit the real world of a government or private deliverer. We use research, but our approach is cognizant about what can be implemented practically and effectively in a world of scarce resource and sometimes limited social means.

Perform Research and Policy Analyses. The firm excels in collecting and analyzing secondary research on children's issues, examining trends and demographic indicators, and in applying these to innovate in program development. We create, with clients', strategies and services that work in their organizational structure, be it state government or with a community organization. Examples can be found in our work in preschool childcare, in education (suspension/expulsion), in juvenile offender strategies (alternate/community sanctions), and in public policy and legislative initiatives to address social issues affecting children and youth. .

Prepare Program Designs. Working closely with our clients, we look for innovative ways to respond to a clients needs. This means examining law, regulation and the underlying philosophy of the government or organization's approach, and design programs and management systems to build sustainable services.


And The Final Products...

The forms of our final products vary and are client-driven. Detailed examples can be found in our Completed Projects summary, but generally:

  • Summary Reports/Recommendations. Crisp, concise reviews that capture an issue affecting youth, present the data in a balanced yet persuasive way, and make specific recommendations either for change in direction, for innovation, or for a specific social policy improvement.
  • Legislation, Administrative Responses. Frame major legislative changes to redirect or break new ground on issues affecting children. In the public sector, this also means helping administrative agencies plan systems approaches, design large-scale program responses, including budget scenarios to support the program. For nonprofits, products include feasibility studies, strategic designs of a long-range programs, and practical methods to gain community and/or governmental support for programs to address children's needs.