Jeffrey Daniels Consulting increases the strategic and operational effectiveness of nonprofit and public sector organizations by conducting a comprehensive planning processes with nonprofit and government leadership to produce for organizations realistic, mission-focused strategic plans.


How do we do this?

We use traditional methods such as performing environmental scans to review the external and internal forces, and trends affecting nonprofits and government agencies. We meld the traditional with processes that are interactive, that keep staff involved, and draw in volunteer leadership as appropriate. There is no magic to building an effective strategic plan; our philosophy builds on three cornerstones:

  • Examine, analytically and realistically, the internal and external forces, the strengths and weaknesses, facing an organization or government agency.
  • Build a strategic yet realistic plan to become a critical guide to an organization or agency's leadership, projecting growth where prudent, change of direction where necessary, and active response to market forces while staying on mission. The plans recognize organization's, government, business or nonprofit, all need to think long-term, and that the environment today is volatile and changing.
  • Use a time-sensitive process that is staff and board-involved, and builds "ownership" and investment in the conclusions and the final plan. We do this by keeping our clients close, by using a measured but easy facilitation process that engages volunteer and staff leadership.

And the Final Products...

Finally, the Plan we develop with an organization is strategic; it is specific but not so binding as to form an organizational straightjacket. Most of all, it must be a guide that looks to the "big picture" and not, as one of our clients oft says, get lost "counting the tuna fish cans". Our plans stay on target, provide sufficient texture to demonstrate what needs to be done, how long, and how hard the work may be to achieve success..